Nieuwe firmware voor de HiMedia Q10/Q5 Pro. Version 2.1.0


7 okt 2018
This firmware must be installed over Android 7 firmware 2.0.4 or later.

See our forum for full instructions and download:

Q10 Pro:
Q5 Pro:


1. Fix the issue 'the Google Search App may automatically run if switch TV resolution'
2. Fix the issue 'the MediaCenter sometimes has no response'
3. Fix the issue 'power on the box--click MediaCenter and enter a folder--playback a video in the folder--press Return button on the remote control won’t go back to the folder'
4. Modify some words of the MediaCenter
5. Fix the issue 'when Factory Default the box, the LED display status still not set as factory default'
6. Fix the issue 'remote control unable to turn off the box sometimes'
7. Fix the issue 'HDMI without output sometimes'